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Engine May Offer Sustainable Clean Energy


Tomorrow’s Engine is a new type of engine with a theoretical efficiency of up to 80% verified by a gas dynamics expert. See details in Posts on http://TomorrowsEngine.com.  A 75% efficient engine will more than double the power generated from the same amount of fuel consumed by a gas turbine.  The engine is ready to be built and tested.

Why should you care if this engine has high efficiency?

  • This high efficiency engine will reduce engine-produced CO2 by more than half, reaching the 2030 Paris goals in half the time. This will lower home and business electricity costs substantially.
  • The alternative currently being studied by politicians is to impose CO2 penalties and taxes, further slowing the economy and raising your bills.
  • This high efficiency engine will allow the US to stop being an importer of oil, saving the US economy $400 billion annually. This is money left in your pocket.
  • This high efficiency engine enables a new storage method for solar power – manufactured fuel. Manufactured fuel costs too much using engines with low efficiency.
  • Solar power has been avoided because it is not available on demand, and because storing and transmitting  power is expensive or difficult. Manufactured fuel makes it possible to store the energy created from solar power.
  • Solar power can be used to turn fast growing biomass such as algae or grass into fuel for transportation. The use of such manufactured fuel is carbon neutral.
  • While people may want fossil fuel to go away, fuel is not going away so long as airplanes fly, ships sail, and rockets blast off.
  • Fuel manufactured using solar power offers a world a preferable alternative to fossil fuel which will not increase atmospheric CO2.
  • Energy rationing will not be needed because solar power is abundant.
  • This approach ends global warming and achieves sustainability through efficiency alone,

Think it over.  If successful this engine will stop global warming while saving the average American over $3,650 per year.  A gain of $10 per day per US citizen is HUGE.  It’s enough money to pay down the National Debt.

Holding back these rewards is the fact that developing the machines to build and test is a small cost if we were a BIG company.  But we’re not, and these costs are enough to stop our small start-up company from building and testing this engine. Every day these tests are held back costs the average American over $5 in gains delayed another day, costing the country over $1.5 Billion a day. This is unnecessary and avoidable.

Let’s start cutting our losses by getting these benefits to you and the economy. Share this message with your friends and help us raise the relatively small amount of money necessary to build and test the engine.  We expect the engine to succeed, to show never before reached engine efficiency, as it is designed to do.  These gains will revitalize economies.  Write us a check today and you and future generations will be the winner.

Make checks out to: Tomorrow’s Engine LLC. Mail to: Rufus Clay, T.E. LLC Manager, 1377 41 Street, Los Alamos, NM 87544-1916. Include your address and email information for reports.